SEO Expert Tells About Semalt's SEO Personal Dashboard 

How about getting an all-in-one tool that lets you do everything you need in one place? This is what the SEO Personal Dashboard tool offers you. Indeed, it is the perfect SEO tool that you have always dreamed of.

As you will already notice in the title of our article, today we are going to take a look at everything you need to know about this awesome tool. Isn't that awesome? So let's not waste any more time. Let's take a look at how useful the SEO Personal Dashboard is and why you should consider adopting it today.

Let's start with the first function of the tool, which is to target all the best keywords on a site.

SEO Personal Dashboard: Targeting Top Keywords

When we are looking for something or have a question, we usually use the language. Words (keywords) can be used to express information and contexts that can only be represented with great effort using pictures or gestures. This is why the words and search terms for your communication on the Internet are so crucial.

Not only in everyday non-digital life but also for an Internet presence, anyone who offers a product or service needs a pool of keywords that describe the offer and its properties in a meaningful way. This is exactly what SEO Personal Dashboard offers you on a platter.

Speaking of keywords, it is important to distinguish short keywords from long-tail keywords.

What do short keywords and long-tail keywords mean?

Keywords are divided into different types based on their length and content. In terms of length, there are basically two variations:
It is primarily a single word that defines the core of the search query (e.g., "online marketing"). They are often sought after and are usually fiercely contested.
A combination of several words up to complete sentences. They often have less search volume than short keywords and are therefore easier to complete. Typical long-tail search queries are, for example, questions ("Who…", "What…").

Discover your best pages

SEO Personal Dashboard lets you know up and down all the information about your best pages. So by having perfect knowledge of your most visited pages, it is easy for you to know where to focus your efforts.

Know everything about your competitors

We all face customer competition with other suppliers daily. Do you know your performance compared to the competition? More importantly, how do your customers perceive you compared to your competitors?

You can answer these questions as part of competitive analysis. It involves the systematic analysis of a company's current and potential competitors concerning their strengths and weaknesses, future potential, potential threat to its own business, and recognizable future strategies. Once the relevant market data has been systematically recorded, it is processed, interpreted and presented. Secondary research is more important here than primary research. The heart of a competitive analysis is to obtain comparative competitive advantages.

There are many advantages to competitive analysis that you should not do without. In addition to significantly better transparency about what is going on in your market, you can also use competitive analysis to identify at an early stage any counter-arguments you can expect in sales. In day-to-day operations, a structured approach facilitates the implementation of competitive analysis.

Using the SEO Personal Dashboard tool, you have access to all the information related to the top 100 best-ranked websites on Google. These are websites that are of course in the same niche as the analyzed site and which use the same keywords or their synonyms.

SEO Personal Dashboard: Web Page Analyzer

To verify your website, simply enter the URL and have the website verified. The scan usually only takes a few moments. After verification, you will be automatically redirected to the verification overview page.

Here you can find the total score, which indicates the total number of points determined for the website. Also, there is a detailed overview of the important parts of the website, from structure to technology.

The ToDo list shows the urgency of the errors found and the ranking reflects the website's position relative to other previously checked websites. Some tabs aim to take you to more in-depth information, from meta elements to the content of the page structure.

More importantly, all URLs entered remain unpublished and anonymous.

Plagiarism checker

There are millions of websites and billions of content. So how do you know your website content is plagiarism-free? Discover the originality of your website content using the plagiarism checker offered by SEO Personal Dashboard. Developed for several purposes, SEO Personal Dashboard helps you create absolutely plagiarism-free websites. The Website Plagiarism Checker included in SEO Personal Dashboard requires simple steps to integrate with your website and is very functional in helping you fight plagiarism.

This is because your website's SEO rankings are hit hard when content turns out to be duplicated and used elsewhere. The search engine cannot identify the original source. Therefore, there is a good chance that your website traffic will be badly affected.

With a website plagiarism checker that SEO Personal Dashboard offers you, you can create all content plagiarism-free by creating a detailed plagiarism report with a similarity percentage and word count.

Page speed analyzer

Website owners can spend a lot of money and time making sure their website is perfect: with an effective CTA, an informative design, and intuitive navigation. However, they often ignore the effect this has on the page speed (load speed) of their site. Regardless of platform or browser, all users love a website that is immediately available to them - because users have become more impatient. And on Google too, a fast page is often rewarded with a higher ranking in the SERPs. Enough reasons to take a look at the page speed of your own site!

Before starting the optimization, it is advisable to know the status quo of the site. There are several tools available to you for this. But, SEO Personal Dashboard is still your best option. The tool is free and allows you to measure the performance of your website in detail. After entering your website URL, you will not only receive information about your loading speed but also information on how you can improve it.

Which tool you want to use is of course up to you. 

Important: Use the same tool before and after your optimization to see the "real" difference in your efforts. Since this is specific advice from practice, little prior knowledge is required.

How fast should my website be?

In principle, a website should load in less than two seconds to provide a satisfactory user experience. The shorter the loading time, the better. If it's less than a second, that's fine. The loading speed of your website depends on many different factors. Some of them can be improved with OnPage optimization, but there are others you have no influence on.

With SEO Personal Dashboard, take advantage of a reporting centre

Reports are very important in that they let you know what to do next to improve the performance of your website.

If you are an SEO Personal Dashboard user, you have the option of creating your new reports easily. On the other hand, you also can define delivery schedules.


Through the content of this article, we have just discovered everything there is to know about the SEO Personal Dashboard tool. Indeed, it would be difficult to tell you all that this tool really offers you in terms of SEO potential. Nonetheless, we have tried to bundle the best options that you can benefit from by adopting such a tool.

From everything we have just explained about this tool, it is clear that SEO Personal Dashboard is a unique, all-in-one tool that you absolutely must consider using to improve your performance and that of your clients.

Besides, the tool is adapted to all your SEO needs. And if you want to make money by marketing a better tool, you may want to consider accessing Semalt's partner program.

Do you have any concerns related to the use of this tool? We will be happy to receive and answer your questions. If you would like an immediate response, simply consider contacting us.

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